The Spiegel Grove is 510 feet long & 84 feet wide at her widest point.

​The photo is of an Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) assault vehicle driving into the welldeck.

Her mission was as a Landing Ship Dock (LSD) to carry US Marines and their amphibious assault vehicles and weaponry to conduct assaults on a beach.

The ship has two propellers and are situated now at about 130 FSW

The Flight deck was for helicopters and is lying on the bottom off her starboard side, upside down in about 120 fsw.

There are two 50 ton cranes situated port and starboard, the crane arms are prominent features aft of Primary Flight Control (Pri-Fly).

Pri-Fly is the small room overlooking the flight deck where the US Flag flies. Pri-Fly was the station for controlling helicopter operations.

The shallowest point for diving the Spiegel Grove is amidships O3 level and is in about 60 fsw

There are three 3” 50 caliber guns on the ship, two are just forward of Pri-Fly on the O2 level, the third one is forward of the bridge on the O1 level.

The most aft section of the ship is the end of the welldeck where you can see the stern gate.

The stern gate was lowered, while the welldeck was flooded with seawater so the Marines could drive their amphibious assault vehicles up into the ship. The stern gate is in its lowered position now and is in about 110-120 fsw.

The most forward section of the ship has the anchor windlasses, anchor chain and other ground tackle. This equipment is in about 100fsw.

There are many places to penetrate the Spiegel Grove and should only be done by divers who are trained as Advanced Wreck Divers. Depths can reach 145 feet in the engine rooms. 

There are a few swim throughs on the O2 & O3 levels where divers can enter the wreck while seeing a clear exit point. 

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Spiegel Grove Dive Briefing