When you complete this class you will know and understand how to use the Shearwater Petrel and the rEvo Dreams. These pieces of electronic gear are the heart of the rEvo CCR and Jim will make sure you can use these to their maximum potential.

Jim is an experienced CCR instructor with about 1000 hours on the unit. Jim remembers vividly the challenges both academically and in the water that came with switching from open circuit to closed circuit and is better able to identify with these difficulties and because of this is better able to relate these personal experiences to you. There are many more experienced CCR instructors out there. There are none that will teach you a more thorough class.

Jim does deep cave and technical diving with his rEvo CCR on a regular basis. Jim will not be training you to do deep cave technical diving but will ensure that the habits you develop from day one in the water will better prepare you for the eventuality that you decide to pursue cave and/or technical/CCR trimix diving in the future. Jim will not allow you you to develop habits early on in your CCR training that will have to be 'broken" in the future in the event you pursue more advanced CCR training. Jim will help you configure your gear in a fashion that will facilitate future diving circumstances. Jim will not just allow you to dive it without knowing why each piece of gear is configured. Jim will also insist that YOU participate in that decision making process.

You choose where to complete the training. North Florida Springs or Key Largo with Rainbow Reef. 

Learn to dive the rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather

Learn to dive the rEvo CCR with Jim Wyatt in the crystal clear freshwater springs of North Florida, or the azure waters off of Key Largo. Even though North Florida is most well known for cave diving there are lots of great places to learn CCR diving in North Central Florida. Fresh water springs that are not caves which vary in depth from waist deep to 240 feet, and much in between. These springs give us many great places to learn to dive the CCR. 


Jim Wyatt is one of five rEvo CCR instructors in the state of Florida. You can purchase your rEvo through Jim and get all your rEvo training and certifications through Jim. Jim is also a CCR Cave instructor, and CCR Trimix instructor through the IANTD, should you decide at a later time to become CCR cave or trimix trained.