​The videos above were made during penetration dives into the Spiegel Groves' machinery spaces.

                Advanced Wreck Diver Penetration Class

This class is held in Key Largo, Florida. We will penetrate two different wrecks. USCG Duane and USS Spiegel Grove. Max depths will be about 140 feet with several hundred feet of linear penetration into the Spiegel Grove. Shown at the bottom of this page are two videos made during penetration dives into the Spiegel Grove.

Program Overview:

This webpage details the minimum content of the Advanced Wreck Specialty. This program is designed for divers who wish to be trained in Advanced Wreck penetration techniques. This skill set would include line laying, deep penetration and advanced wreck diving techniques.

General Standards

Pre-requisites: Student: DSAT Tec Deep Diver / Tec 45 or equivalent

Maximum Depth: Maximum depth 165 feet

Ratios: Maximum of three students

 Min student age: 18

 Minimum no. dives:6

Required equipment:   Full Tech rig

Academic topics:
Lights types and maintenance
Reels types and maintenance
Pre-penetration preparation
Penetration techniques to include:
Propulsion techniques
Line laying techniques

Hazards to include:    
Loss of viz
Loss of gas supply
Line traps
Separated buddy teams
Local wreck diving regulations
Responsible wreck diving considerations                                                               

We will conduct an equipment workshop to review the student’s equipment set up and any specific considerations relating to the wrecks being dived. This should be conducted with the standard technical rig (or sidemount) in mind, along with pre-dive checks. This is also an opportunity to discuss positioning of lights and reels on the students equipment.

Skills to be included:

If the student does not have line laying training (Wreck Specialty or Cavern/Cave training) then these skills will be practiced on land and in open water prior to penetration. 
Land based skill development to include:
Deploying a guideline
Technique for following guidel
Use of reel in lost line procedures
Use of line in lost team members procedures
Touch contact communication
Dive planning

Skills to be demonstrated:

Proper propulsion techniques – no silting finning, pull and glide techniques (where appropriate)
Deploying guideline
Follow guideline
Lost line and lost team members techniques
Follow guidelines with no mask / blacked out mask 
Air share w/ team member in confined space
Remove / replace mask while in contact with guideline 
Demonstrate correct hand and light signals
Demonstrate touch communication with team members
Simulate primary light failure and back up light deployment
Demonstrate correct staging techniques for cylinders outside wreck
Demonstrate air sharing technique whilst swimming through a restriction
Silt-out procedures





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